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The Ottawa 67’s

This assignment proved to me that my program in Algonquin College is better than the one in uOttawa. Our Marketing class had the opportunity to present our work in front of an actual client. The assignment is for the Ottawa 67’s hockey team. The purpose was to use what we had learned to develop strategy plans for selling more tickets to their targeted audience: families with younger children and older men ages 30 and over. These ads were a small part of the assignment and just part of our strategies. 

What I would change now? I would now use a Pizza Pizza logo in the Guys’ Night Out poster, and maybe make the top a flag design, with the logo in the same place but with a border or a solid background for the headline. I would also be more consistent with the type colour and effects for both posters; make it feel more like a campaign. 

A special thanks to Steve Jenkins for giving our class an amazing assignment. I felt my group and myself had put a lot of effort into this and the outcome was coming in second place for the best ideas. I was a big fan of the gradient tool, and only one more piece of work on here contains it (soon to be posted). 

The logos and photos are owned by the rightful designers and photographers. No copyright infringement intended.

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